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TrySleepeze is a Blanket company. Its goal is to provide a warm, comfortable, and affordable way to sleep. They are dedicated to helping people get a good night’s sleep by providing high-quality blankets at an unbeatable price.


When Trysleepeze reached us they only have products with them but they are struggling with branding and website to showcase their product. They want the launch within 5 weeks with a tight deadline.

How did we solve the problem?

Trysleep trusted us with designing and development where our dedicated team completed the whole project within the tight deadline. For Trysleep we build a custom gallery in grid format which is the main attraction of the product page. We planned out phased development with all ecommerce pages in the first phase and non ecommerce in the second phase. With a dedicated integrated team we achieve the deadline with all custom builds.

What is next?

Next Trysleep will launch new products for their site and want to showcase the products in the landing page. So we are planning for the next phase of work in order to achieve the company goal to provide comfortable sleep.

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