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Sansmatin offers users the ability to customize their shoes to fit their personal style. By using a combination of swatches, users can hand-pick their favorite colors, textures, and lacing for the perfect pairs of shoes. Sansmatin prides itself on providing customers with shoes that look good and fit perfectly, thanks to its advanced, highly-imaginative customization tools.


Sansmatin’s product pages were not converting well and this was a cause for concern.The product page does not clearly explain the various features and benefits of the Sansmatin product. The product page lacks visuals or images that demonstrate how the product looks. The pricing of the Sansmatin product is unclear.There is no user feedback or testimonials displayed on the product page. We analyzed how our customers were interacting and engaging with our pages and identified areas of improvement.

How did we solve the problem?

For sansmatin we do a series of targeted improvements, we were able to successfully increase revenue for the page by 25%. We implemented several key features including review and ratings functionality on the product page, as well as product recommendations throughout the website. Additionally, we launched A/B testing plans for page layout optimization to further increase conversion rate. The results of these tests enabled us to optimize the page layout and further enhance user engagement.

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