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NuMilk is a food tech company which creates delicious and healthy drinks at the click of a button — without ever having to leave the house. Their mission is to provide better-for-planet solutions that help individuals and businesses adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The NuMilk Home allows you to access real ingredients with a small carbon footprint, so you can make your favorite drinks from the comfort of your own home.


Numilk contacted us for the custom calculator for their website which allows the business owners to calculate their savings and how they are saving the environmental impact. They wanted us to build the calculator which helps the Cafe owners to make decisions based on the savings they are making with Numilk

How did we solve the problem?

When Numilk reached us with the calculator plan in the spreadsheet we decided to contemplate the values based on the scenarios. With a lot of testing and implementation we developed the framework for the calculator. But the real challenge was to make the calculator more realistic with the values with more accuracy. We derived the values for the actual scenarios and achieved the target successfully with client satisfaction.

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