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Murmur is a homeware collection designed and created with a purist approach, including quieter patterns, soothing colors, and tactile materials, to create a feeling of serenity. This is a harmonious collection that inspires tranquility in every home. Every Murmur product starts with our designer, Helen, who draws inspiration from nature and the world around us. Visiting areas of outstanding natural beauty and creating color palettes and patterns in the style and spirit of murmur. Back in our Northern Ireland studio, a blend of age-old and contemporary techniques are applied to hand-drawn motifs and subtly sophisticated palettes to form our collections


The problem is that Murmur has his own website, but he is unable to enter the competition of other websites that allow him to sell his products in a bundle or group product format. The client needs to know how to sell his product in a grouping or bundle format, as well as add custom functionalities that are not available through Shopify Plus stores. Murmur’s website is looking for the necessary functionalities needed to participate in the other website’s competition in the same domain.

How did we solve the problem?

We have developed the product page for the Jerseyhemp store with custom features such as the third-party integrations, personalized product customizations, and a comprehensive layout that adheres to the branding of the store. We have also developed the homepage for the website which includes sections for reviews, promotions, and more. We have created a megamenu for the store which gives an enhanced user experience in terms of navigation around the website and allows the store owner to add images, promotions, and other items to attract customers.

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