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Jenny Chem is a family-run business which has been in operation for more than 35 years so we can boast a wealth of knowledge in our industry, as well as fantastic business relationships. They continually conduct research into new and improved technologies and sciences to ensure our cleaning solutions offer the very best results your money can buy. Their 17-strong staff are all highly trained and continually encouraged and equipped in dealing with their clients in a polite manner. They ALWAYS listen to customers and respond accordingly. They are professional, respectful, approachable, and passionate about providing a service which is truly second to none.


Jenny Chem has been struggling to conduct business as expected. They have a website, but it is not meeting their needs. They want to showcase their high-quality products to more potential customers, but they are not sure how to do it. Jenny chem’s website is not mobile-friendly, so it is difficult for customers to use it on their phones or tablets. The website copy is also difficult to read and understand, and there are no strong calls to action. Jenny needs to make some changes to their website in order to improve their business. Teresa’s work is inspired by the natural world, and she often incorporates elements of nature into her designs. She is drawn to the beauty of simple shapes and forms, and she enjoys using a variety of glazes to create vibrant and colorful surfaces. Teresa’s work is both functional and beautiful, and it is sure to bring joy to your home.

How did we solve the problem?

We have developed the whole store for the Jenny chem with custom features such as variant options with custom development, personalized product customizations, and a comprehensive layout that adheres to the branding of the store. We have also developed the homepage for the website which includes sections for reviews, promotions, and more. We have created a mega menu for the store which gives an enhanced user experience in terms of navigation around the website and allows the store owner to add images, promotions, and other items to attract customers.

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