Daniel Simmons


Shopify Website


Development, UX, UI


At Danielsimmons, they believe that every purchase should be carefully considered and valued. All their pieces are designed and developed with love and expertise so you can enjoy them for a long time. Their clothing is designed for those who aspire to an exquisite, timeless style. At Danielsimmons, you can be sure you’re getting truly unique and quality pieces that you’ll treasure forever.

What have we done for DS?

We took the existing branding of the website and gave it a refreshed, modern look. We have developed a range of features to make the website more accessible and user-friendly. These features include building the custom product page and collection page. We also integrated several apps like Klaviyo, klarna and added functionality like Back in stock . Further, we have built a comprehensive search engine that allows users to quickly find products and other information. Finally, we have integrated multiple payment options to make it easier for customers to pay for orders.

Past clients

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